Picture of woman thinking about the alphabet

Why this website?

Ever struggled to spell a word over the phone, especially when speaking a foreign language? I have been there, and last time while making a doctor’s appointment, I decided I have had enough. From that experience, “Spell It Please!” was born, since I had to be honest with myself: I was not going to commit to memory a spelling table in every language I speak.

I know, everybody tells me this is an amazing story... Jokes aside, besides being awkward on the phone, I am language enthusiast, so I decided right away to make “Spell It Please!” available in multiple languages. Simply choose your language, type in the word that's on the tip of your tongue, and the app will spell it out for you, letter by letter. If you're struggling with pronunciation, it can even provide some help offering the English approximation or the IPA transcription.

By the way, “spell”, can also mean to enchant with magic words – hence the wand ! For more details about the concept behind this app, feel free to visit the blog here.

Anyway, I hope “Spell It Please!” makes your life a little bit easier. If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact form below. I am always looking to improve and would love to hear what you think!